Everything you need to know about the New Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a relatively new player in the social media scene, and because of this, many people find themselves asking all sorts of questions about this new platform. With this article, you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Clubhouse and hopefully will walk away knowing how to build a name for yourself and your business on the platform.

FAQ- How to mute yourself on clubhouse app.

FAQ- How to mute yourself on clubhouse app. In order to speak in most room you will have to move to the “Stage” ( See below for more). To get on the stage to talk, you can select the hand raising tool button on the bottom right.

Once you are on stage you’ll then see then see the hand raising tool in the bottom right corner change over to a microphone. You can press the same microphone on the right corner to mute and talk and contribute to the conversation. To mute yourself on clubhouse you can press the microphone in the bottom right corner. To unmute , you can press the same microphone. Its clubhouse etiquette to turn off the microphone when you are not speaking.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new social media app that has begun to stand out for many reasons: two of the principal reasons being its exclusivity and social dynamic. Clubhouse is a tight-knit, invite-only social media platform, which according to some users and critics, feels less like a ‘media’ platform, and more like just a ‘social’ platform. This is because Clubhouse is a platform where users chat directly with each other in real-time, can collaborate with one another, create their own clubs and communities, and exchange ideas, instead of just posting another picture into a vast sea of users like traditional social media.

On top of this, all these functions can be executed using just your voice and limited equipment, making Clubhouse a desirable platform for all sorts of users. This heavily social aspect of the app along with its exclusivity has made it very popular among businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, with a particular leaning towards the tech side of things.

How Do You Get an Account on Clubhouse?

In order to get an account on the Clubhouse app, you must receive an invite to join. As mentioned before, this is what gives Clubhouse a good deal of exclusivity and prestige, along with the fact that Clubhouse is still in a beta testing phase and exclusive only to iPhone and iOS users (Clubhouse is available only on the app store).

How Do You Get an Invite to Join Clubhouse?

As of right now, there are only two ways to join Clubhouse. The first being by direct invite from an existing Clubhouse user. Users are granted one invite upon joining that they are allowed to extend to anyone they please. On top of this, they (or you) can earn more personal invites by spending some time on Clubhouse moderating rooms and becoming part of the community, but we’ll cover more on that later.

The second method is similar but doesn’t require one single user to extend their only invite to you. This method requires downloading the app from Clubhouse’s website, where you’ll be allowed to enter your personal information and reserve a username. Then, depending on how many of your friends already have access to the app, they’ll receive a notification that you signed up based on the information that you entered when reserving your username. After this, they’ll have the option to wave you through without the need for a personal invite.


What to Expect on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is mainly a networking and conversation app, so you’ll find that being able to describe what you bring to the table in your profile will help you make the most out of Clubhouse. Using keywords in your profile biography will help others find you using the search function. This will help you get invited to conversation rooms, which are a big portion of Clubhouse’s functionality, so make sure you’re specific about your interests when making your profile.

What are Rooms, Stages, and the Hallway and How Do They Work?

Rooms are the meat and potatoes of the Clubhouse app. Using rooms is how you’ll make most of your connections on the app since as of right now they’re the best way to connect with other users. Rooms appear on the Hallway, which is the main feed or essentially the home page for Clubhouse. The rooms that appear here are public and are open for any users to join. This doesn’t mean all rooms are public though, you are still able to make private rooms and clubs with your personal connections.

Rooms appear on the Hallway by name with photos and names of some of the people in the room accompanied by the number of total members and speakers.This is so that when scrolling through the hallway, you’ll be able to get a quick glance into what each individual room is talking about.

Clubhouse rooms are comprised of three types of individuals, listeners, speakers, and moderators. When you first join a room, you join as a listener, where you can listen in to the ongoing conversation and get a feel for the room before asking a question or speaking yourself. While doing this, you can tap on the profile pictures displayed of the current speakers on the ‘stage’ to learn more about them or connect with them.

After getting a feel for the conversation, you’ll be able to raise your hand as a listener by pressing a button in the bottom corner of your screen, if the room’s moderator has allowed this function. If after raising your hand you’re brought up onto the stage (the section of the room where the speakers are displayed) you’ll have the ability to mute and unmute your microphone and ask questions or add to the conversation as you see fit.

It’s important to add that out of courtesy, it’s suggested that you keep your microphone muted when others are speaking, and are patient with users that have a party hat displayed by them, as this indicates that they are new to the platform.

What are Clubs?

Clubs are similar to rooms but their functionality extends past just hosting a conversation. Clubs are groups of people separated into 4 categories: the founder, admins who moderate the clubs, members who are approved participants and are able to create private rooms, and followers, who are notified when public rooms are scheduled by the club. This allows people with similar interests to form a small community where they can speak about certain topics they all have an interest in.

For this reason, Club founders are encouraged to host at least one ongoing conversation for their members to take part in. On top of this, rooms can be started with a club to be a private place for discussion, or if the founder sees fit, a club can also be public for other members with similar interests to join.

How Do I Create a Club on Clubhouse?

In order to start a club, a user must have hosted at least three recurring meetups. If you meet these requirements, to start a club you will have to go to Clubhouse’s website where you will then fill out a form requesting to start a new club.

How Do I Find People and Clubs?

All members can be found by name using Clubhouse’s member search function, which can be accessed above the hallway on the ‘main page’ of the app. Most other connections are made by suggestions based on keywords included in your profile biography or by following rooms which will then appear in your hallway, where you can connect with other users, find clubs, and start your own community!

With the social media scene continuing to grow and evolve so quickly, it will certainly be interesting to see how an exclusive and relatively small platform such as Clubhouse will be received once it leaves its beta stage. One thing can be for sure – new users are a certainty, and the platform will most definitely grow. So, it definitely can’t hurt to learn about how the app works!

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