6 Tips For Working Remotely To Increase your productivity

In the times of Covid-19, work from home became a trend. If you are having troubles for adjusting , here are 10 tips for remote working. Offices were closed down, and people had to work from home. Now, if you’re someone who is still working from home and are having a hard time doing so, I understand! I had to adjust and learn to work from home with a baby.  Its been challenge but here’s what I learn to increase my productivity while working remotely.

1.Make Sure to Maintain Regular Hours

Working from home can be a challenging task. You’re simply having a hard time setting up a routine. You do not have the motivation you need, plus there are no clear guidelines. When working from the office, people usually maintain a work-life balance; however, that is not the case here.

My Working Remotely from Home Schedule

  • 8:30am start work
  • 10:30 Fifteen minutes break
  • 12:00 one hour lunch
  • 3:00pm fifteen mins break
  • 4:30 Clock Out. Turn off computer and no checking emails

In order to work from home, you must maintain regular hours. Make a list of all your task you need to complete the next day. Maintain regular work hours as you used to in the office, and you will be able to work with full motivation and will be able to achieve work-life balance. Make sure you take time away for lunch and breaks! Maintain regular hours, set your targets straight, and work with utmost motivation.

2- Get Enough Sleep

Don’t we all have messed up routines because of COVID, right? You need to make sure to create a morning routine in order to stay fresh throughout the day. Also, focus on sleeping early at night so that you faced no issues the other day. I put Baby Zo to bed around 8pm and try my best to head to bed at 11pm. and usually wake up around 7am.  

3- Ask for Help

I know we’re all used to the office atmosphere when working. We have access to communicate with each other, discuss issues, set targets, and whatnot. However, that’s not possible in-person when working from home.

All your colleagues are new to this as much as you are. Talk it out, discuss issues, and ask for help wherever you are facing any issue. You guys do not have access to all the office types of equipment, so think of alternatives and come up with a solution collectively. As they say, ‘Communication is key.’ especially when you’re working remotely.

4-Do Not Get Too Hard on Yourself

Got loads of work you need to complete in an allocated deadline? Sure, that can be hard at home since it’s not just you there; you’ve got other people around you as well. I know I am a little harder on myself when I work from home. Its easy to overdo and feel the need to overcompensate because you’re at home.

However, make sure not to get too hard on yourself. Make a to-do list for yourself and try completing everything in the time scale estimated. If you feel like you’re stressing out, take some time to breathe. Take a break, eat your favorite meal, and simply rest.

5-Engage in Culture Office Activities

Sure, this is a hard time for everyone around you, but do not lose hope. I am happy that our office culure is still contuniuin as we are manage to passs these unprescedented times.

I am super big on creating and join a culutre at work that fulifll you be your regulat job duties. I am athe Culurre and Advocay Lead at the office adn rightfully so. Join Employee Resoure Groups and actvites. Every Friday I look forward to “Trivia Friday” on our google meets.

Maintaining and staying socially connected will actually increase your productivity and Stay motivated . If you need any help, look up motivation videos, watch comedy shows, and lighten up your mood.

6- Eat Healthily

Lastly, you need to make sure to eat healthy food. We have all put on the Covid 15 and working from home makes it easy to eat all day while sitting in our livig room.

Try to stock up on healthier and more filling snacks so you’re less tempted for that short walk to the kitchen. In that case, limit the walk tempting walk to the fridge and focus on eating healthy lunch. Also do forget, you need to make sure to stay hydrated while working, so keep a water bottle or a glass of fresh juice near you!

What is your go-to work from home tips? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. Lourena wrote:

    These are great tips! In addition to some of these, I would add: Take time off as needed; and use tools to help with productivity. I use a timer/clock to time myself on certain tasks on my to-do list. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to finish my tasks ahead of time, or right on time! I also reward myself with short breaks when I complete a task.

    Posted 1.29.21 Reply