Is your small business prepared for the holiday season? Here are some tips!

Small Business Tips

First thing that is coming up is Black Friday. And I just want to say Black Friday isn’t disappearing this 2020 Quarantine season, its going DIGITAL! I have prepared my natural hair business for the next weeks and this year might be a great year for E-commerce.

A Quick Pre-Holiday checklist:⁣

What’s your sales goal and how many products do you need to sell at what price to reach that goal?⁣

Is your sales page ready? Don’t make it complicated to find your Black Friday or holiday deals, create a dedicated sales page JUST for these offers

Do you have your emails ready? Inboxes are going to be slammed this week and the coming weeks, so one of the most important things will be your SUBJECT LINE. Do yours catch attention?⁣

Did you check your links and your website? Nobody wants a crashed site during this time. Can you handle the extra traffic?⁣

Have you set up logistics to make sure all of your orders will be delivered within a reasonable time frame and your customers know what to expect? You may want to create a special holiday receipt so everyone is on the same page.⁣

Do you have any ads planned? This could be a good time to bump up your budget by 10-20%. More people are running ads this season so boost your budget to reach more people and try to submit them early! ⁣

Is you Customer Service ready? Have your cleared your inbox by handling all customer issues and questions? The back end is just an important as the front end.

Are you ready for your sales?⁣

I am a small business myself @Naturalthebrand . Prepping for the holidays begins months in advance so that you can make sure that you’re stocked up and have everything ready for when the holidays hit. I am restocking all products in double my normal quantity to get through the sales of the busy holiday season

But it’s understandable, especially for small businesses, that you may not have had the time or have known where to start. Below are some tips for preparing your small business for the holiday season.

Set some goals

If you haven’t already set your 4th quarter goals, now is the time to sit down and really think about them. Look at what your sales have been like for the year, and if you’ve been in business for a while you can also look at how you did in previous years. Use this information to help you come up with a couple of goals for the holiday season.

This includes financial goals such as sales numbers you’d like to hit, but you can also include goals that include conversion rates, average cart orders, and more depending on your type of business. The key is to have goals that are measurable so that you can work up to them and actually know when they’ve been achieved.

Plan your marketing

Consumers are going to be very distracted this holiday season, as they are every year. Every business, big and small, is going to ramp up their marketing efforts so you’re going to want to do the same. Have a marketing plan in place and get all of your advertising, graphics, copy, and more ready to go so that you’re ready to start attracting customers and getting sales. I’ll be running a BOGO Campaign for my products throughout November to the New Year. I have created marketing content through CANVA. If you don’t have CANVA you need it! Its free and I use it for almost all my media content

Make sure you’re stocked up

If your business is one that relies on having physical inventory it can be hard to know how much to keep in stock. On one hand you don’t want to sell out too quickly and miss out on sales you could have had if you had enough inventory in stock. On the other hand you don’t want to order so much inventory that you’re stuck with a lot of it after the season. Look at your numbers and decide how much you need to make sure that you have available for a likely increase in sales during the Holiday Season.

How to prepare your small business for the Holiday Season

Create unique holiday specials

The Holiday Season isn’t just business as usual. You want to attract attention to your business and create unique holiday specials that are limited to only this season. This can help to create demand and catch people’s attention. For example, special holiday gift bundles or buy one get one free type deals. It all depends on your type of business, but take some time to get creative in what you can offer your customers.

The Holiday Season is a great time of year for businesses because people are more willing to spend and they’re happy to buy for loved ones. By making sure that you’re prepared, you can increase your sales and make sure that your business does well throughout the Holidays.

Leave a comment below or feel free to contact me with any question regarding How I run mu small business. I am not business expert but I’ve learn to monetize my online influencer and now turned into a small business owner! 2020 will not you you from getting the bag! I am claiming it

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