How to make African American hair curly without heat

I am always asked the biggest question : How to Turn Your Kinks to Curls Without Heat. If you’re looking for ways to make your naturally hair curly without heat, I have 5 Top techniques below. I remember walking around in the grocery store when I was fifteen, admiring the models on the cover and imagining becoming one myself (like any teen girl does). But this time, I remember specifically seeing a model that looked like me. She had beautiful, dark skin, an athletic body but, most of all, she had coily, shiny hair.

At that moment, I didn’t think I wanted anything so badly in my entire life (little did I know that I would see a Hershey bar later on). I asked my mother if she could buy me a curling iron and she, wisely, said no. My hair was badly damaged at this point from the flat iron heat that I used on high (450*F/232*C) nearly daily and I wouldn’t do a big chop for another two years (If you want burnt and ugly hair, I highly recommend doing this). So I began my research for the perfect curls before realizing it. I don’t want you to have to search that long, so I compiled a list of methods to turn your kinks into curls without any heat.

Treat Your Hair Like a Good Friend

The first thing that I want to tell you is that it’s imperative to meet your hair where it is. For example, it doesn’t make sense to do space buns when your hair can’t even pass your ears. Just like it doesn’t make sense to give your hair curling gel when it clearly hates it. So, make sure you find products that work for you

            The next tip that I want to give you minimize the manipulation of your hair. Do we want to look snatched? Absolutely! But not at the expense of your hair’s health. Make sure you invest in some bonnets and head wraps to preserve those cute curls until wash day and use protective styles when aren’t looking as cute.

            Finally, make sure that you realize that what works for one natural might not work for you. I’m giving you options in this article that have worked for me and other naturals for a long time, but don’t feel pressured by them. Be a scientist when it comes to hair: Experiment, get results, and share it with the world.

Products That Help

            These are some of the products that you’re going to need to achieve cute curls. I recommend, especially for new naturals, to go on a little shopping spree and get all of these things so you can try a little bit of each method. If you strike gold with one option, try another – you never know what method might work better as your hair changes:

Now, I know that many naturals use either rollers, foam rollers, or Flexi rods but I recommend Flexi rods over the other rollers. Why? because when you unroll them, your hair doesn’t get caught in any foam holes or clips; all you have to do is twist and bend. Besides, you can put multiple braids in your curlers and maybe only use four Flexi rods opposed to 10 foam rollers. However, I recommend above all else that you do what’s best for you, your hair, and your budget.

Check Your Natural Curl Pattern

            One thing that has made me laugh for the longest time is that some naturals have the curls that they’re striving for naturally, they just didn’t realize it due to poor hair care and/or bad products. See how your hair looks naturally before you say that you don’t have the right curls. I would hate for you to drop $60 on products just to say, “Wow, it was inside of me the whole time.” But after you’ve figured out your curl pattern, you have products that your hair likes, and all you need are some great techniques, then you can check out the following methods.

Curling Techniques

Twist Outs

The PERFECT Flat Twist Out | Short & Shrunken 4C Hair - YouTube

            Twist outs have been my favorite method for the last five years. All you have to do is twist your hair normally with a curling smoothing, and then untwist them once they’re dry – like magic you have two styles in one! Twist outs create these beautiful, spiral curls that are soft, fluffy, and easy to pick out if I feel like rocking an afro later on. My twist outs usually last me three days with my busy schedule and gym activities, but they do enhance my natural curls well enough that it makes my protective styles cuter.

Bantu Knots

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            There are so many naturals that look beautiful with Bantu knots. Once you put in your curling product, it dries, and you untwist it, you get these dramatic and beautiful curls depending on how big make the knots. You may need to separate the curls as them come out to make them fluffier, but they are worth the attempt if your hair is long enough and if you’re skilled enough.

Plats & Flat Twists

            Plats and flat twist are great for beginners and those in transition. If your hair is on the short to medium side and/or on the thin side, this might be the way to get those curls you’re coveting. Flat twist and plats are great because you just braid/twist close to your scalp. Now, if you’re still on the shy side of your natural hair journey, this would be a good time to invest in a curl cap or headwrap.

Curlers/Curling Rods

            The classic curlers and curling rods! You can use your curlers on wet hair to lightly damp hair. Put in all of your normal stuff but, most of all, grab your curling gel! To install them, you may need to light twist your hair and then curl it. After that, feel free to curl and air dry.

Combinations Until Devine!

            Sometimes one method is not strong enough to tame the main. You may have to do different combinations, throw certain methods out, and change some things around. Either way, do what you need to for that look. Just make sure that your hair stays healthy, clean, and shiny.

For more ways to style your hair , checkout Protect Styles Ideas here. Let me know if the comments which method is your favorite for curling your hair without heat

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