How to Create an Influencer Media Kit? Here is All You Need to Know!

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To work with brand consistently you will likely have to create your media kit. Where 2020 has proved itself a nightmare for the globe, there it has also proved to be a golden egg for influencers. During quarantine life, everybody spent almost 18-20 hours on the internet.

Most of the raw influencers begin the influencing thing without any strategy, but with the surging competition, one needs to know how to compete and win in the race of survival of the fittest. I have two press kits. One for my hair page @Naturalhairlovez and my personal lifestyle brand @Tracychattah. The most important strategically tool to keep pace with the flow is to create an Influencer Media Kit. Here you will get to know about what an Influencer Media Kit is and how you can build one.

What Is An Influencer Media Kit?

Let’s get started!

An Influencer Media Kit is a digital portfolio or resumes, including your

  • Bio
  • Social stats
  • Demographics
  • Previous partnership ( If it applies)
  • Testimonial
  • Your contact

Why Do You Need to Build an Influencer Media Kit?

Nowadays, for pitching the Business, Brands specifically international brands, ask for Influencer Media Kit. It is your digital document comprising of all your detail any that any Brand needs in order to collaborate with you. So to stand apart from the crowd, you need to have Influencer Media Kit.

How to Create an Influencer Media Kit?

Your Influencer Media Kitmust be a distinctive one. Neither very simple nor very complex! It should have your complete information and of course the right one. Do Not Ever Make bogus claims about yourself in order to get attention. It may help you in the short term but can be dangerous in the long run as it will spoil your image. Besides the information, you need to design aesthetics. Also, your Influencer Media Kit should be Unique. Do not copy-paste. Be Yourself.

Now let’s get deep into creating the Influencer Media Kit.

Instagram Media Kit

Influencer Media Kit Content: Bio

blogger press kit

First of all, your Influencer Media Kit Influencer Media Kit should contain your basic information.

It is the first thing that appears in your Influencer Media Kit, so it should be appealing. The first impression is –not often- the last impression. Take your time to write about yourself, your passion, your , the audience you support online and your values.

Put a face to your name as well. So, the brand can have a visual representation. Make sure its a recent clear and quality photos

Influencer Media Kit Content: Social Stats

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Social Stats is one of the most important things. It is the primary concern of the Brands along with the engagement. The audience is a critical element of all businesses. The whole game revolves around the audience. So it is mandatory to share your honest social stats with the brands via your Influencer Media KitBrands can check the social stats using software like SocialBlade  or So be honest.

Influencer Media Kit Content: Your Demographics

Moving onto the next step, your Influencer Media Kit should speak off about your audience in depth. The Brands only focus is the audience, audience, and audience. The collaboration is solely based on the targeted audience. What is the gender of your most audience, age limit, the location where most of the audiences reside, who they are ( Moms, naturalisitas, Entrepreneurs )etc?

Instagram media kit

Influencer Media Kit Content: Previous Partnerships and Testimonials

If you are not a newbie in the influencing field, then you may have previous partnerships with different Brands. Testimonials are a plus point for your Influencer Media KitSo don’t forget to add them as well.

However, if you’re are a rookie, then this portion of yours will be vacant, but don’t worry, focus on the other areas so well that Brands don’t look for the testimonials.

Influencer Media Kit Content: Contact Page

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Last but not least, give your complete Contact details because, in order to reach you, Brands need your Contact info. Use a legal platform for PR and Collaboration. Provide Email and WhatsApp No.

Canva is one of the most trusted tools for the Influencer Media Kit Templates.Canva offers various templates to build your Influencer Media KitYou can use different shapes, graphics, fonts, and colors to build your unique Influencer Media Kit.

Create an Influencer Media Kit with my personalized Canva  Templates Now! Including this one feature in the post. I have 5 deigns to fi your brand that is drag and drop editable.

Instagram Media Kit Template
Tracy Chattah media kit exampe
Social Media Kit Examples
Tracy Chattah media kit sample

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