7 Highly Recommended Simple Easy Self Care Ideas that can start now

Are you stuck at home while quarantined or not able to go out much because of Covid? I am a new mom who has been jam-packed taking care of the newly born and just return to work. I definitely have been looking for simple and easy ways to make sure I practice self care and still make me a priority.

Self-care is an important part of one’s life. Without it, you simply cannot live a happy life. Self-care is something that has a huge impact on one’s life. If you’re not taking proper care of yourself, it will hinder all your daily activities, and that’s something you do not want. Self-care makes you happy from the inside, and you feel positive at all times. Here are a couple of ways you can implement self-care that won’t break the bank. So let’s dig in!

1.   Eat Healthy

I usually feel down when I dont. I try to stick to a 80/20 rule. 80Eating healthy is something we end up ignoring every now and then. New moms mostly end up eating junk since they’re always in a hurry; however, that’s something you need to quit. Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure to stay hydrated. You can add lots of yummy healthy food receipts to your diet, and trust me; they’ll taste even better than junk food. You could make yourself an amazing salad bowl and stay healthy. After all, we have all heard, ‘the first wealth is health.’

2.   Pamper Yourself

Self-care includes pampering yourself too. You can do this by making some DIY scrubs for your skin, a DIY manicure, and whatnot. You can find loads of online scrub recipes to do the job. Revamp your skincare routine and take care of yourself. Trust me; it will do wonders!

3.   Invest In a Good Book

Are you a book worm like me? If yes, then make sure to invest in a new book and read all you can. Pick up your favorite genres, and have a great time! Simply have a cup of coffee, sit right next to the window chair, and spend some quality time with your favorite book!

It is said, ‘Reading is dreaming with open eyes.’

4.   Fix Your Routine

During quarantine, we’ve all messed up our routines, and that’s something that’s not good for our health. Everyone out there needs to make sure to fix up their routines in order to stay motivated and fresh throughout the day. This can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Fix up your routine, make a checklist of all your need to do, and organize everything. I have implemented this in my life, and trust me; I love how organized it has made my routine.

4.   Exercise Regularly

Exercise is medicine, isn’t it? Make sure to exercisers at least 30 minutes a day and see how it lifts up your mood! Exercise is not only great for your mood, but great for your body’s health as well. Make sure not to skip working out for a couple of hours every day and enjoy it!

5. Watch Your Favorite Show

Make sure to watch your favorite show. Be it a comedy show or a horror movie. Allocating some time of the day to watch your favorite show will do wonders. Binge on a fantastic show with popcorn and have a fantastic time!   

7. Talk It Out

If there something bothering you, make sure to talk it out with a loved one. Do not hold it up inside, or else it won’t result in being good for you. Talk it out, share and rant all you want. It will make you feel extremely light and positive!

There were a couple of self-care ideas that won’t break the bank! What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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