Black Fashion Designers from Rent The Runway in 2020

I ha do some digging to find the Black Fashion Designers from RentTheRunway! First, lets start by saving you money with my rent the runway promo code: RTRFAM55305D8 (that’s $50 off each month!)

 The  I have been a Rent the Runway ( RTR) member since 2016 .  During the recent events of times, I was looking for ways up my use my style and support black designers on (RTR). I recently reached out to RTR to see if there was any black designers currently offered. There’s no way currently on the app to find Black designers and styles. I was able to find the RTR current selections of BLM through their IG BLM highlight tab.

I checked out the selection was surprise there’s currently only few. But I loved the designer’s styles and options available! I rented from each of the currently available black designers on RTR. The current 5 listed

Currently available Black Designers you can rent from now

1. Pyer Moss
2. Color Me Courtney
3. Autumn Adeigobo
4. Cushnie
5, Victor Glemaud
6 Kahindo ( coming soon )

Designer 1 :Pyer Moss

First up is my absolutely favorite find.

Logo MA-1 Bomber
Logo MA-1 Bomber

Pyer Moss : Described by its founfer Kerby Jean-Raymond as an “art project” this ever-evolving brand has a cult followling

RTR – BLM Highlight

If you’re into casual street style this designer is the way to go! I got tons of compliment on this jacket and I never want to return it!

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Pyer Moss · Selections· Here

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Designer #2- Color Me Courtney

RTR- ” Our newest capsule collection, designed exclusively for RTR by blogger and “color queen” Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney

RTR – BLM Highlight
Yellow Cutie Maxi
Yellow Cutie Maxi

Country style is super fun vibrant and perfect for summer! I rented three dress from the selection and felt the summer spirit all day.

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Color Me Courntey · Selections· Here

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Designer #3 Cushine

RRT- ” Helmed by Carly Cushnie , you’ll find minimal yet highly sculptural silhouettes by the RTR community

RTR – BLM Highlight
Watermelon One Shoulder Pencil Dress
Watermelon One Shoulder Pencil Dress

The dress I ordered was not my style or did not fit how i wanted it to. Its created very beautiful but required a hour glass figure. As you can see after a baby and the COVID 15 I was not able to provide fit I desired. I’ll be sure to check additional styles for a looser fitting options.

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Cushnie · Selections· Here

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Designer 4 : AUTUMN ADEIGO

Inspired by her Nigerian mother to become a fashion designer , Autumn designs ethical fashion for women who like to stand out
IG : @autumn_adeigbo

Conclusion : If you’re looking way to support Black designers this is an easy and affordable option. I do wish there was a way to filter on the app ( Black Designers) the only current way to find Black designers to support is here or the BLM highlight Tab on RTR Instagram page.

If you are already a RTR member , its a great way to diversity you style. If you are not a RTR member ,you NEED TO be. Join for great options and try new styles every month, week or even every day. RTR has many options to fit your style needs and budget.

Save $100 off 2 months of RTR’s 2-Swap program with my code RTRFAM55305D8 (that’s $50 off each month!)

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    I love the yellow… and the red! This looks great on you. Thank you for highlighting Black Designers!

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