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            My little one is currently 1 year old and I spent tons of money finding ways to keep her hair moisturized in the beginning . Finding the best moisturize for your baby natural doesn’t have to take you years of trial and errors no more. I’ve found me Top 4 lines on natural hair care products for my daughter hair to keep it moisturize, healthy and growing.

We want nothing but the best for our children. We want them to go to the best schools, eat the healthiest food, and look their best too. One way that we can do this is by caring for their hair it’s big, soft, and healthy. But how do we do that? What are most parents using? How much care is too much care? Here are a few tips and products that are popular amongst parents right now.

Use the LOC Method

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LCO method

Once your child hits around age two to three, it may be time to start seriously considering adding more to their hair regimen. I recommend starting the LOC method to see if that works for your child. Keep in mind that since their growing, their needs will change over time. So something that may have worked at age three may not work anymore at age five. Listen to their hair care needs and it will take you far (and save you money).

              The liquid portion will always include water. If you can invest in a spray bottle, I suggest doing so now. This will keep your little one’s hair hydrated for sure. But the “L” does just have to be water. It can include hair lotions and other moisturizing products. You know that you’ve chosen a good moisturizing product when the first ingredient is water. Make sure, however, that the rest of the ingredients do not include any sulfates or parabens. This can set your growth goals for your child back unnecessarily.

              When choosing oils for your child, it’s good to choose oils that support a healthy scalp and stimulate growth. These oils can include black castor oil, argan oil, and grapeseed oil. I recommend avoid coconut or olive oil for this because these oils are not sealing oils, but moisturizing oils. We have an article going in-depth on the difference, but essentially some oils sit on top of the hair and oils that penetrate the hair. For the oil method, you must be decisive because any oil will not do.

              Finally, for the cream portion, you can use creams that help twist the hair or enhance their curls. I recommend for your little that you choose light creams and oils for this. Dense oils at this age may cause them to run and get in your child’s eyes. Besides, at this age, their hair is healthy and light enough that the oils that they naturally produce will cause them to have healthy, beautiful coils naturally. You won’t need much cream at all so choose light creams for this portion.

Popular Moisturizers for kids natural hair

As for moisturizers, I’ve selected a few popular moisturizers that have clean components to them. They vary in price but have high reviews for their quality and popularity.

Natural Oils

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5 Oils To Help Grow Your Natural Hair

The most reliable hair care brand in the world is your brand. What I mean is, if you make a mix of moisturizing butters and oils yourself, you’ll never have to worry about reviews, poor reactions, or changing ingredients if you make them yourself. Here are a few oils and butters that I would like to suggest that you may have in your kitchen:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado Oil
  • Baobab Oil

However, if you are a busy parent that needs a little extra help then there are a few products that I would like to suggest to you.

Shea Moisture Kids Line

Shea Moisture Kids seem to be a very popular brand due to its nourishing properties. When you go to the back of the bottle, every single ingredient is something that you would find in nature. As for their moisturizer, I recommend their Coconut & Hibiscus Kids: Extra Moisturizing Detangler. This detangler and moisturizer is priced at $9.99. They claim that it helps to detangle any hair type across the spectrum, which is good news due to your child’s ever-changing hair care needs. In addition, it has raw shea butter in it to moisturize well. Their products cover everything from lotion to hair masks. I’d head to their website and give it a look.

Cantu kids

Cantu Care for Kids Shampoo + Conditioner + Leave-in Conditioner + Detangler”Set”

              Cantu Kids Curl Refresher is a moisturizer priced around $4. It reduces frizz, moisturizes, and has shea butter in it. It has no parabens, sulfates, and can be sprayed directly to the hair so you won’t have to undo your child’s style. I would give this product a try. They have a line of other products as well with the same quality but, most of all, they have a “no tears” shampoo and conditioner set.

Camilla Rose Kids

The next product that I want to cover is the Camilla Rose for Kids. Though it is a great brand, it’s not discussed much. Specifically, I like the Mandarin Hair Buttercream. It has aloe, sunflower oil, olive fruit, and castor in it. These ingredients nourish the scalp, reduce dandruff, and keep your child’s hair shiny. Though it’s not in a spray bottle, I feel as though it’s more than worth investing in. The Mandarin Hair Buttercream is priced at $8. But I would suggest getting her whole kid’s hair care line for $24.

Camille Rose Kids Sweet Puddin’, 8 fl oz

Aunt Jackie’s Knot Havin’ It

              The next product that I wanted to suggest to you was Aunt Jackie’s Knot Havin’ It: Detangler and Moisturizer. One bottle runs for roughly $12 and is great for kids who struggle with knots and tangles. It has great slip, replenishing properties, and you don’t have to use much for it to work. My only concern is that it does have coloring in it, but if that’s not a problem for you then it’s a great product!

Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter Creme

Miss Jessie doesn’t necessarily have a children’s line, but it does have a cream gentle enough for a child. I would like to recommend Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter Crème for $32. Despite the price, it’s an excellent cream for kids who need to soften and grow out their natural hair. It contains cocoa and shea butter and it’s great for the whole family.

Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme, 8 Ounce

Let me what you are using now and any other questions about caring for you little one natural hair.

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