African American newborn photos ideas

African American newborn photos ideas

If you’re like me , you are in love with how beautiful new born photos are! When I has my little one I knew I wanted some. Good thing to remember is the the photos needs to be taken generally between 0-14 days old. I did newborn photo session at 11 days for my little one Also the price is a little investment. I paid 500 for my little one photos and its definitely WORTH IT.

There is no greater joy than seeing your newborn all cuddled up in her blanket, napping quietly, looking so adorable and innocent yet so fragile. It is only natural that we would want to preserve those precious moments for posterity, especially since babies grow up so fast.

What better way to capture these special moments of your tiny person that through photography? Newborn portraits are the highlight of that crowning moment when you become new parents and are a timeless preserver of the moment.

Here are a few newborn photos ideas that will help you preserve the memories of your infant for ages to come.

New Born Beds-Tiny Toes in Tiny Size Beds

African American New born photo Ideas

Newborns are so tiny, and one way to highlight this cute little fact is by wrapping them up in their newborn photos so that for years to come, and they grow bigger than you (yes. Sometimes they do), you can always remember how small they used to be with fondness.

The Perfect Froggy Pose

Newborn outfits – fetal position pose

Babies love sleeping with their butts up in the air and with their legs tucked under their bodies. For them, this pose is not only comfy but also similar to the pose they adopt for nine months while in the womb, so it comes naturally. It is also a pretty funny pose and one that would also look perfect on the newborn photo.


Mommy and Me Pose

Newborn photos are done shortly after delivery . I know you will be tired but if you have the energy, join the shoot. I did mine 11 days postpartum no makeup and sleep deprived. You can also let your infant lie on their back and capture a photo of them as they nap peacefully.

Newborn Basket of Joy

Your little one is sleeping peaceful mostly during the shoot. My final favor pose in in the basket. Perfect for Easter, or anytime. Remember to enjoy the moment , this is the best money I spent postpartum. Leave your questions below and I’ll answer.

Final thoughts and review!

My newborn photo session was 3 hours long. I had a great photographer who specializes in Newborn! I didn’t have to bring anything and I was even offered to sleep while she does the session. ( I couldn’t lol because just incase she has my child). We did a total of 9 outfits including a mommy and me poses that I reluctantly agreed to because I was 11 PP tired, sleep deprived and no makeup. Below are my personal favorite shots. I would save and make the investment if you are able to

African American Newborn
African American Newborn Ideas

African American Newborn

Black babies newborn photography

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