My 6 month Breastfeeding journey and update.

We made it half way to year! I am proud or both myself and Baby Zo for the journey!

I cant believe its been 6 month postpartum. If you would have told me I was going to make it this far into breastfeeding , I would have laughed. Six months plus later and Baby Zo is still getting the majority of her nutrients for breastfeed.  Its been a incredible hard but rewarding journey.

The first 6 weeks.

The first 6 weeks is turning into a distant memory now. I deliver Baby Zo on Feb 8th 2020. Instantly afterbirth, we were encouraged for skin to skin contact to help the latching process. ZoZo was two weeks early and I was very worried regarding how smooth my breastfeeding journey would be. 

  • What if I cant produce a good milk supply?
  • What if she doesn’t learn how to latch properly?
  • Can I provide a full an healthy nutrients to support her without any supplements.

The hospital provided us a Lactation specialist for after care and to guide my breastfeeding journey as a first time mom ( FTM). During the first day after delivery , we worked hard on getting a proper latch. During the first few days Zozo was not latching correctly. We tried different positions ( Cross-cradle hold, Cradle position, Cross-cradle position etc).

She was not able to latch with all our efforts. I used a nipple shield for the first three days postpartum and she slowly caught on. The first 6 weeks -8 weeks was hard. BUT! get through that and till become easier. My milk supply came in on day 6 and it hit me like a ton of BRICKS!! Literally, my best was heavy. I made effort every feed to bear through the pain and we finally made it!

I can now breast feed in my sleep, in the dark and upside down! Yes they’ll find the boobs anywhere now.

We are currently introducing formula and solids now! Here 3 things I’ve learn in my journey!

  • Get through the first 6 weeks 
  • It’s not always easy or natural, and that’s okay. Breastfeeding is a learning process for both mom and baby
  • Remember , you  should always do what’s best for you and your baby. “Fed is Best”

Leave your breastfeeding journey in the comments!!

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