Instagram Feed Theme Ideas to Make Your Profile Shine

Instagram Feed Ideas for Black Women

I have spent time curator my Instagram feed and as a result my feed is more cohesive. Below are some Instagram feeds ideas and inspirations based on your personal brand preference! On Instagram, aesthetically pleasing feeds tend to do the best but above all it matches your personality. It doesn’t really matter what type of content you put out there. Whether you’re a brand, a business, or it’s just a personal account, if your feed is pleasing to the eye, it’s going to attract more followers. But what is the best way to make your feed look good?

When you decide and stick to a theme for your feed, it becomes much more cohesive and nice to look at..

Here are Some Instagram Feed Aesthetics Examples


You can achieved similar brown there with A4 Analog filter on VSCO

brown skin Instagram theme idea


This is my similar style! PiecesofOnye is the content queen and she helps level up your content and grow and monetize your online presence! You can find her bright clean and white theme below. To achieve AL3 Fluorescent Soften on VSCO

White and Bright Instagram theme ideas


Black is a Attorney by day and a fashion content creator by night! Her IG is moody with a feeling of luxury. The colors crated the perfect luxury feel. You can achieved similar theme there with M6 filter on VSCO

fashion Instagram theme ideas

There are so many different ways you can choose themes or styles to make your feed catch people’s attention and it’s all going to depend on your preference as well as what you’re able to do. For example, if you’re a business owner who has bright, colorful products you want to showcase, a black and white theme may not work out for you. The best thing to do is to look at some examples and see what you like then go from there.

Bright Instagram Aesthetics

Focusing on bright photography is a beautiful way to showcase lifestyle type photos. Bright themed profiles usually have highly saturated photos that may not be completely filled with bright color, but have vibrant pops of color built into every photo. Similarly, this is the theme that I use within my own Instagram account @tracychattah and I love the way it shows off my photos. Another great example from someone I follow is @aliciatenise and she does it beautifully as well!


Black Women Instagram feed ideas

“How do you edit your photos” ” How do you make you feed so bright” I get this question everyday. For the photos below I use the AL3 Fluorescent Soften on VSCO

Bright Instagram Feed Theme Ideas


Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics
Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics

Pop of colors Instagram Aesthitics

If you are super into colors , focusing on some bright colors throughout your feed is a great way to make it look well planned and aesthetically pleasing. You can go all out and only post photos that are one color or if you want to just make sure there’s a bright pop of one color in every photo is up to you. For example. accounts that do this well is my fav @ColorneCourtney with her vibrant feed and @Ann.Wynn .

Ann is honestly the Queen of executing theme!

Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics
Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics


Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics
Bright and colorful Instagram Aesthetics

Muted Instagram Feed Aesthetics

A theme that is increasing in popularity, especially with the minimalist crowd, is a muted theme. With a muted style profile, you can either just post photos that are naturally more muted colors or you can use filters and photo editing apps to help you reduce the brightness and saturation in your photos. A great example of this @viviana_volpicelli who’s feed features muted, natural tones.

Muted Instagram Feed Aesthetics

You can achieved similar brown there with V6 & DOG1

Muted Instagram Feed Aesthetics

Puzzle Instagram Feed Aesthetics

If you want a unique looking feed then you should check out puzzle themes. These are becoming much more popular and there are even people selling Instagram puzzle feed templates on places like Etsy so that you can do it on your feed without having a ton of design skills. For examples of some puzzle feeds look at @myhappinesstherapy and @danilex_.

Puzzle Instagram Feed Aesthetics

Puzzle Instagram Feed Aesthetics

Using your photography along with different apps, filters, and things like VSCO or Lightroom presets that help give all of your photos a similar look, subsequently you can achieve a cohesive themed feed. In short,The key is to stick to it and your feed will start to look very put together and well thought out.

Let me know your fav style of IG feed or if you prefer none at all! Above all the inspiration , you want to make sure you’re profile is for YOU! not anyone else. Its best to be inspired You can find out exactly how I edited my photos here!

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